When you feel like a tiny, insignificant droplet

in a sea of noise…

Dip into water, back to the richness of the ocean

within you.

Frolic in the shallows, glide in the depths.

‘You are not a drop in the ocean,
You are the entire ocean in a drop’
– Rumi

Candace Loy. Image by Marta Perez Miguel

Hi, I’m Candace Loy.

Three years ago, I began black ink illustrations, of ornate and detailed water drops, teeming with marine life. The bigger picture I see, is a series of drop-shaped designs, each with ocean-scapes and wildlife unique to a particular area of the world, as a way to celebrate the diversity in different waters.

These pieces will be available on t-shirts, tote bags, limited edition fine art prints, greeting cards, etc., from which profit portions would go to marine research, conservation and education initiatives in the related geographic locations.

They are also available as free colouring sheets, and I hope to collect and share displays of many colourful drops, each with the person’s love story with water.


We’re kicking off with the California edition, in time with the #BlueMind collective’s 100 Days of Blue, beginning 28 May 2018.

Sssshhhh: when the days get longer, and the waters warm up, in the Southern Hemisphere: it will be time for the New Zealand edition.

Oh hey that’s now! NZ edition colouring competition is now on! (23 Sep – 21 Oct 2018)

So, grab your free #OceaninaDropCalifornia colouring sheet, be the first to know about product releases, and get free updates as this whole festival of watery goodness unfolds.


Candace Loy


: the growing global art movement to create an ocean of oceans of drops.


Chapter One: the Pacific coast of North America edition


Chapter Two: the Aotearoa edition

Ocean in a Drop New Zealand. Candace Loy. Copyright

Blue Mind by Dr Wallace J Nichols


: a fascinating study of the emotional, behavioral, psychological and physical connections that keep humans so enchanted with water. – Washington Post

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