The Pacific coast of North America edition, created as a reminder of the beauty of water, as it moves from its source towards the sea, the life that depends on it, and the ways it moves and inspires us.

Blue Mind by Dr Wallace J Nichols

Ocean in a Drop California X Blue Mind

Splash in with the California edition of Ocean in a Drop, in conjunction with the 5th Blue Mind 100 Days of Blue, as a reminder and celebration of nature, how it heals, and nourishes. We are inspired in a creative and constructive way, when we spend more time connecting with water.

This in turn moves us towards solutions that take care of us, our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.

Over these 100 days, you will meet people whose stories are of how nature, and water is a part of their life: personal, relationships, work, business, fun, investigation, innovation, conservation and creativity. Get your free updates, colouring sheet, and join in the festivities. Be the first to find out about merchandise releases!

xoxo Candace Loy

Ocean in a Drop California New Zealand

Spring into longer days and glorious sunshine in the upcoming Southern Hemisphere summer!

Celebrate with the #OceaninaDropNZ colouring competition for big and little kids, and win great prizes in time for those warm beach days.

Check out the artwork for the NZ edition, get your free copy and find out more here. 

23 September – 21 October 2018

#OceaninaDrop: the growing global movement to create an ocean of oceans of drops. A portion of profits from merchandise will go towards water conservation, research and education in the regions represented by each drop.

#TheMermaidTribe: Inspired and inspiring women of the water, creating a new normal: where caring for self, and the natural world, through science, art and entrepreneurship, is a given.