Mermaids need to spend time on their dreams.

Reconnect and fall in love with you, with this little quiz. xoxo

Whale Hello There

Hey Beautiful, thanks for being here 🙂

Thank you for helping me get to know you better.

It will put me closer to understanding how I can serve

women who love the ocean aka mermaids like you.

As a thank you, I would like to return your answers to you as a Love Letter to Self, for those days when you need a little pick-me-up.
Mermaid Quiz Squiz. Image: Max Rovensky

Anyway, when did you last make time to get to know yourself?

Give yourself a chunk of chocolate for being here, you’re FAB! 😀

I can’t wait to return your answers to you after this, to have your own copy of it.

Keep it in your journal,
or somewhere you can see it.

To remind you of what’s important to you   xo

Love, Candace.

PS: my dear, there’s no word limit.

Say as much as you want xo

Ready?  Let’s go!

**Before we begin, I want to make sure you know your privacy is important to me,
and I will keep it so. <3
Your information will not be sold to a third party, like ever ever.
Mermaids need to spend time on their dreams. Fall in love with you with this little quiz. #love #mermaid #ocean #themermaidtribe