Meet Libby Patterson, a gifted perfumer who grew up practicing the art of synchronized swimming.

Where were you born, and where do you live now?

Born in Ohio. I now live on the #SLOWCOAST in Central California on the OCEAN.

Where are your favourite waters?

  • Love where I am now: the Pacific ocean
  • The Lake where I grew up in my back yard: Seven Springs Lake… memories.
  • My bathtub
  • Distilled drinking water
  • My childhood vacation lake: Watkins Lake in Michigan…memories.
  • My childhood swimming pool at the local country club.
  • Swimming pool at my high school

Would you please share a favourite water memory or two?

I love my walks along the many beautiful beaches on the #SLOWCOAST. Memories of deep inner stillness, openess, quietude, solitude, centeredness, and oneness.

Synchronized swimming age 10 through 23: discipline, grace in water, beauty, mermaid, and so much more….

Swim Racing, Sailing, Rowing, Power Boating, Body Surfing, Ice Skating on our lake, Building Forts along the lake side, and helping Dad build the floating dock; painting it each summer. Swim Team Summers and later in High School.

How do you incorporate nature in your life, and the way you make a living?

I’m a master perfumer, business consultant and artist. I live in Paradise and am very very grateful for being in nature everywhere I am. Home, Perfume STUDIO, SLOWCOAST, Libby Patterson Organics (LPO) SCENT GARDEN.

Why do you do what you do?

Beauty, nature, meaningful causes and joy: I make organic beauty products, scents, and herbal teas for my own brand Libby Patterson Organics. I run for Dana and J Nichols. Each Day in every way I feel content, happy, centered, grateful and so abundant with being in nature.

What happens when you don’t have time for nature?

I always have time for nature, 24/7.

Could you please share a time or experience where you felt lost in the crowd, like a tiny, insignificant drop?

New Year’s Eve HUGE PUBLIC party when 1999 became 2000.

On a date with then BoyFriend who was 6’4” and could see well above the crowd. He didn’t feel overwhelmed by the thick crowd that we were crammed into. We took the public transport into this party and I felt overwhelmed and lost immediately. I was NOT having fun. It was the opposite of intimate for me. I was feeling protective of my handbag and my whole being was being crushed in the crowd.

How did you turn that around, and how did you get back to feeling like you were a whole Ocean in a Drop?

Finally I convinced my Boyfriend that starting the New Year back at home was a better idea. Making love was much more my idea of OCEAN in a DROP. Much better way to ring in a new millennium. 🙂

Is there anything bothering you about the whole eco /green/conservation thing at the moment?

We need a solution like a brilliant design that adds filtration on to all washing drying machines to catch microfibers before they end up in the ocean. If I can think of this there must be a 100th Monkey Effect where others have thought of it too. In the war on plastic, are we really going to outlaw swimwear? Yoga wear? Surfing wetsuits? Recreational plastic boats, surf boards, etc? Since the place where we can control the filtration is so known: in the home, laundromat, etc: why not start with this as an idea? Someone?

What do you find is working? And what change do you hope to see in this lifetime?

For me what is working is the expanding consciousness in people. People are all waking up. There are many tipping points we have achieved, and they are coming faster. In my lifetime we are seeing people making a difference. It will increase. 🙂

Is there anything you would love to tell the you from ten years ago?

This perfume is going to age well. 🙂
(referring to my deeper drops of expensive scents)

Anything else you’d like to add?

I really think your idea is wonderful, thank you for inviting me to participate.

How can we find out more about your perfumes and SlowCoast?

Instagram: @libbypattersonorganics

Libby Patterson Organics:

Slow Coast:

28 May to 4 September 2018: #100DaysofBlue

Ocean in a Drop California x Blue Mind

Ocean in a Drop : A series of illustrations by Candace Loy, with each water drop shape filled with sea life and the life that water supports, of a country or state (e.g., California). The bigger vision is to use portions of profits from the sale of beautiful and unique merchandise, to contribute to local marine, freshwater education, research and conservation initiatives in the region depicted by the drop.

#BlueMind is a movement started by Dr Wallace J Nichols, who is also a successful turtle conservation researcher. He has done collaborations with many people including neuroscientists, to show the positive effects of being around water, on the brain.

Not only is there an increasing number of organizations supporting people in overcoming PTSD and other debilitating circumstances through water-based therapy like surfing and swimming; his message is to encourage as many people to reconnect and strengthen their bonds with water, and be inspired as a result to take care of waters across our blue planet.

Combining neuroscience, honouring emotions and using it to create more beneficial solutions for our planet and the life she supports. Here are some of his talks on neuroconservation.

Get a free copy of Ocean in a Drop California coloring sheet, share it with your students, colleagues, friends, and family. Be the one to add colour and creativity to their day 🙂

#OceaninaDrop + share your favourite water memory to inspire others, on Instagram and Facebook, and get featured xo